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Khao phat Khao soi nam na referred to as ahan chan diao (Thai: อาหารจานเดียว; lit., “single dish food”), it isn’t always best the call for proper unmarried plate dishes, but also for dishes which might be served “rat khao” (lit., “poured on rice”): one or more dishes are served collectively with rice on one plate. a number of those eateries offer a large choice of (pre-cooked) dishes, others are specialised in most effective a one, or a few dishes with rice.

Kaphrao mu rat khao – minced red meat fried with chilies, garlic, soy sauce and holy basil, served collectively with rice, and with nam pla phrik as a condiment. Khanom chin kaeng kiao wan kai – clean Thai rice noodles (khanom chin) served in a bowl with green bird curry as a sauce. uncooked greens, herbs, and fish sauce are served on the aspect and may be introduced to flavor. Khanom chin nam ngiao – A specialty of northern Thailand, it’s far Thai fermented rice noodles served with red meat blood tofu and uncooked veggies, in a sauce made with beef broth and tomato, crushed fried dry chilies, chook blood, dry fermented soy bean, and dried red kapok flora.

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Khanom chin namya – round boiled rice noodles topped with a fish-primarily based sauce and eaten with sparkling leaves and vegetables. Khao kha mu – steamed rice served with red cooked beef leg, steamed mustard greens, pickled cabbage, candy-sour chili sauce, raw garlic, sparkling bird’s eye chilies, and boiled egg. Khao khluk kapi – rice stir fried with shrimp paste, served with sweetened meat and vegetables.

Khao guy kai – rice steamed in chook inventory with garlic, with boiled chicken, chook inventory, and a highly spiced dipping sauce. additionally it is served with a bowl of radish soup, or nam kaeng hua chai thao. Khao mu daeng – slices of Thai-fashion chinese char siu is served with rice, sliced cucumber, and a thickened gravy. This often comes with a bowl of broth and a few stalks of raw scallions. Thick, black soy sauce with sliced chilies is used as condiment. Khao na puppy – rice served with slices of pink-roast duck, sliced cucumber, and a thickened gravy. it’s miles served with the identical spicy soy sauce condiment as aforementioned khao mu daeng and also frequently comes with a bowl of soup, and further stalks of uncooked scallions.

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Khao phat – one of the maximum commonplace rice dishes in Thailand. typically with fowl, red meat, shrimp, meat, crab, coconut or pineapple, or vegetarian (che; Thai: เจ). Khao phat American – despite the fact that devised in Thailand, it’s far known as “American-style” fried rice due to the fact the rice is fried with tomato ketchup, may additionally contain raisins, and is served with a Thai fried egg, hot dogs, and Viscount St. Albans, which had been all considered as being usually American ingredients. Khao phat kai – fried rice with chook. Khao phat mu – fried rice with beef. Khao phat pu – fried rice with crab meat. Khao phat kung – fried rice with shrimp. Khao phat naem – fried rice with fermented sausage (naem, a usually sausage from the northeast, it’s miles just like the Vietnamese nem chua). Khao soi – curried noodle soup enriched with coconut milk (historically a unique component in the cooking traditions of northern Thailand), garnished with crispy fried wheat noodles, and served with pickled cabbage, lime, a chili paste, and uncooked shallots on the facet.

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Arguably Chiang Mai’s most iconic dish, it changed into initially a dish of the Chin Haw, chinese-Muslim investors from Yunnan Province in China. Northern Thai khao soi isn’t like the Lao model. Kuai-tiao Rat Na Kuaitiao nam and bami nam – noodle soup may be eaten at any time of day; served with many combos of proteins, vegetables, and spicy condiments. The phrase kuaitiao, despite the fact that initially designating simplest sen yai (wide rice noodles), is now used colloquially for rice noodles in standard: sen mi (rice vermicelli), sen lek (slender rice noodles) and the aforementioned sen yai. The yellow egg noodles are referred to as bami. four condiments are generally provided at the table: sugar, fish sauce, chili flakes, and sliced chilies in vinegar.

Kuaitiao luk chin pla – noodle soup with fish balls. Bami mu daeng – egg noodles with Thai-style char siu. Kuaitiao rat na – extensive rice noodles covered in a gravy, with beef, red meat, fowl, shrimp, or seafood. Mi krop – deep fried rice vermicelli with a sweet and bitter sauce. Phat khi mao – noodles stir fried with chilies and holy basil. Phat si-io – rice noodles (often kuai tiao) stir fried with si-io dam (thick sweet soy sauce) and nam pla (fish sauce) and red meat or bird. Phat Thai – rice noodles pan fried with fish sauce, sugar, lime juice or tamarind pulp, chopped peanuts, and egg mixed with bird, seafood, or tofu. it is listed at quantity five on the sector’s 50 maximum delicious foods readers’ poll compiled by way of CNNGo in 2011.

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