p5 [/ut_one_half] [ut_one_half_last]The restaurant’s Director, Kah Fei, is a Malaysian with a strong passion for all things Thai, particularly Thai cuisine. Having worked in Thai restaurants for years, Kah Fei learnt the art of Thai cooking by mere observation. Kah Fei believes in presenting the food as closely as possible to the original, as evident in the restaurant’s offerings.

We are presented with five popular dishes from the kitchen of Baan 26, served with a portion of steamed fragrant Thai rice: steamed fish with lime and chillies, Thai basil leaf minced chicken, Thai-style stir-fried brinjal with basil leaf, Thai mango salad with crispy catfish and red tom yam with prawn and oyster mushroom. The steamed fish is a signature Thai dish, which comes to us still bubbling in its platter, kept hot from underneath with a couple of mini burners.

Food The Flesh of the steamed sea bass is sweet, moist and tender – together with the sour lime and the fiery chillies, the dish is a medley of flavours that is quite out of this world. The minced chicken is served on top of homemade beancurd that has a pudding-like consistency, which just melts in the mouth, and the stir-fried brinjal, cut into bite-size pieces, is both spicy and tasty. The crispy catfish in the mango salad has a very light, fluffy texture, resembling traditional fish floss in both look and taste. The red tom yam is my favourite. Thick, hot and flavourful – just the way I like my tom yam – it leaves me with watery eyes, runny nose and burning tongue, but only because it is so good it’s addictive; I can’t seem to stop spooning it into my mouth.