Baan 26 was created for the discerning palate when it comes to Thai cuisine and here, authenticity is key. The menu boasts of items that we have come to love from Thailand such as the Spicy Tom Yam Soup that’s packed with a punch, the highly addictive Lime & Chili Seabass, the ever satisfying Pandan Leaf Chicken Wrap and Mango Sticky Rice, a popular sweet ending.

Other perennial favourites at Baan 26 includes Pad Thai with Shrimp, Stir-Fried Glass Noodles with Tiger Prawns in Claypot, Thai Green Curry Chicken and the list goes on. Some of the ingredients used in the dishes are imported from Thailand to ensure consistent flavour and authenticity. Kah Fei believes that classic dishes are still the best and are most sought-after by diners.

The food is complemented by a drinks list with a strong showing of wine, draught beer, whisky, brandy, cognac and creative cocktails such as Sawasdee 26, Tuk Tuk, and Thai Zeed. Together, they make for a special dining experience that will leave a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction.

Décor here is eclectic and stays true to its name – home. The walls are covered in a fiery red coat of paint and it brings to live the knick-knacks from Thailand that are placed around the establishment. It doesn’t take long for one to warm up to Baan 26, honestly.

With all these elements, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this restaurant chalked up several recognitions including finalists for Best Product Quality and Service Excellence at the HAPA-GAB Excellence Award 2012 and also the Top 5 HAPA Chic & Casual Dining (Malaysia Series).

To judge Baan 26 by the crowd of diners day in day out, one can be certain that this restaurant will continue to stand the test of time.

SEO Malaysia