Chai Kah Fei, director of F&B outfit Jubitage Sdn Bhd, has a deep passion for all things Thai. In his early days of travel across borders, a trip to the land of smiles left a lasting impression. And given his calling in the food & beverage industry, his love for Thai food blossomed naturally.

After spending several years helping others set up restaurants, Kah Fei felt it was time for him fulfill his dreams of owning a restaurant. And so it was as a young man at the age of 26, he made a decision take diners on an unforgettable Thai culinary journey right here in Kuala Lumpur.

In 2006, he founded Baan 26 Thai Seafood Restaurant in the popular enclave of Changkat Bukit Bintang. This strip was fast becoming Kuala Lumpur’s hottest spot to wine, dine and let your hair down at that time and even till this day, it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.

Baan 26, or house number 26 in Thai, is among the few establishments that have stood the test of time in this area and Kah Fei believes it is because he stays true to authentic flavours while moving along with times. From a restaurant, in the more recent years, the establishment transforms into a throbbing bar as night falls.

Kah Fei is also the proud owner of three other outlets – Tuk Tuk in Malacca City, Eat Thai in Klang and Lobby Restaurant & Lounge which is located a stone’s throw away from Baan 26 at Jalan Nagasari. It is his passion for food, service and people that has taken him through several highs in his career.

“I’m very involved in my business from every aspect, be it managing the staff and finances or overseeing food preparation and décor. I often work closely with the chef to ensure we present food that is authentic and top notch. Most importantly for me is building relationships with staff and customers,” says the 35-year-old who is now friends with some of his customers.

It doesn’t take much to make him happy. His customers’ satisfaction vindicates his role as a restaurant owner and that pushes him to strive harder. Kah Fei dreams of owning a resort by the sea some day. Watch this space!